"I sought to create a stronger human being, but there's no such thing. Human beings are weak, pathetic, feeble-minded creatures."
―Dr Curt Connors
Deadpool totally lost to Colossus

In all of fiction, the human body is either one of the strongest things out there (with several draw backs) or breaks easier than a toothpick. In most cases, the greatest weakness a character can have is that they're human. Not in a moral sense, but in the sense that they are made of blood and gore that can't wait to get some screen time. This kind of weakness is usually used to remind a character of their limits or to tell the audience that a character can be as useless as they are (but not quite).

Honestly, the thing can drown, is ridiculously flamable, not at all bulletproof, and looks like it's gone through a warzone after a fistfight with glass.

Essentially, the opposite of Stubbornness.


Action Protagonist Package

This weakness will be brought up once a character's plot armor fails or an enemy finally learns how to aim properly and a character will grab their wound and have that moment where they look down at the blood in their hand, reminding them that if their enemy was anymore competent, they would be grinded into meat chunks.


Standard Package

A variation of this weakness can also be included for characters who are killed with a single bullet, a single slice, or just getting hit too hard. This variety is commonly utilized by henchmen, slasher victims, and innocent bystanders caught in the crossfire.


  • Every victim in a horror film.
  • Every single enemy soldier in an action movie.
  • Just about every character on Game of Thrones.