"Who is your daddy and what does he do?"

The T-800 is a chronogod murder machine from the future. Like all Chronogods, he has multiple lives, but has the added ability of keeping his face whenever he reincarnates.


Terminate Sarah Connor

The T-800 was plucked from the refrigerator to travel back in time and keep himself from being sent back by terminating his reason for going back. Unless he always went back and when Skynet sent him it knew this would happen, hence it sending him back?

Eh, fuck it. So, the T-800 arrives in 80's Los Angeles completely nude. Wishing not to feel the breeze between his knees, he decides to search out for clothing in the most logical spot he would find it: on a person. He approaches three stand-up citizens and asks them for some clothes. But the citizens decide to act irrationally and stab him, to which the T-800 responds to by killing them, possibly fracturing the future. Unless those guys were always supposed to die! Perhaps their only historical purpose was to die? What if it was in the T-800's programming to kill them regardless?! But what if the stupid chain-jacket will never become a fashion trend in the future because they are now dead?!

Hunting Down Sarah Connor

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