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"Why Don't You Just Fucking Die?!"
Freddy Krueger


In all of fiction, the human body is either one of the strongest things out there (with several draw backs) or breaks easier than a toothpick. While a human body can often be seen as the greatest weakness in the universe, some characters like to demonstrate just how much abuse it can take. While some characters have paper skin and glass bones (see Useless, Fleshy, Human Body) some people have layers of sandbags in their body, allowing them to absorb millions of bullets, take several slash marks, deal with tons of blows, and be burned alive.

Not to be confused with Power of the Plot, Stubbornness has nothing to do with skill and mostly to do with plain old durability. Though they won't look as pretty as someone with the Power of the Plot in the end, the results are often the same, although survival with this is less than guaranteed.