Disney is responsible for some of the movies that defined your childhood, so like any other franchise, they decided to exploit the hell out of them. They used to milk out half-assed sequels that were inferior to the originals, but thanks to Tim Burton now they make live action reboots that are absolutely inferior to the originals because we all know that nothing ever compares to the original!


  • The one where the 101 Dalmatians don't talk. It also came out in the 90s, which automatically makes it the greatest of them all because the 90s were AMAZING!!!
  • The ones that may or may not be associated with the rest of the live action Disney movies...but we're still putting them here. Maybe... The ones with the pirate, Santa Claus, the hockey team, Eddie Murphy and the ghosts, and where the Salem Witch Trials had real witches (WE ARE NOT FUCKING KIDDING). I'm sure that was all one movie though.
  • The one that proved that there really are no matches made in heaven when it comes to directors and projects. SERIOUSLY! Tim Burton and Alice in Wonderland! HOW DID YOU FUCK THAT UP?!
  • The one with Sleeping Beauty, but not about Sleeping Beauty, cause we all looked at the original and said damn, I bet that villain's a hero!
  • The one that felt the need to explain why Cinderella is called Cinderella because that was apparently important information...
  • The one that made absolutely no sense to make into live action considering it's about a bunch of talking animals and ONE human.
  • Ever wonder why the Mad Hatter is mad? No? Well, they made a film to tell you.
  • The one that's either better or worse than the original, some of us can't really tell...
  • What has been seen... cannot be unseen...