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Doc Bruce Wayne was pelted by pelted by gamma rays and turned into the Hulk. He's ever lovin' Hulk. Hulk!


The Accident

Bruce Wayne was once an aspiring scientist who wished to help improve the human species. He was offered the chance to do so by the military, to recreate the Murican Steroids used to create Captain Murica. The result was a failed experiment that gave him the ability to transform from Ed Norton into Mark Ruffalo. However, not discouraged, he tried again, this time it also failed, but granted him the ability to transform into a giant green rage monster.

On the Run

Fearing the Hulk being used as a weapon, Bruce fled to Africa and hid as a worker who works in a factory that produces those sodas that hip old people advertise. Bruce spent his days either working, disfiguring rare an exotic flowers to make perfume, or talking to people in a chat room. However, things start to go wrong when Bruce's cgi blood gets packaged in a soda that is drunk by Stan Lee, effectively killing the man and causing him to be reborn. The incident gains the attention of the military who decide to fuck up the life of a man who hasn't been bothering them for years. Bruce hears the stealthy black ops soldier because none of them like dogs and shows his training he got from the guy at the beginning of Casino Royale in an attempt to escape. However, the natives are upset by his actions and proceed to beat the hell out of him, which gets him excited instead of just having him pass out, causing him to Hulk out and utterly wreck everyone's shit, allowing him to escape.


Hulk has a secret: he's always angry. Always. So whenever you see him with a smile on his face, humming a tune, just remember he's fucking pissed off.

Powers & Abilities

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